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Calgary: City of Versatility

A young, clean, and vibrant city, Calgary is also known for its friendly, welcoming, and neighbourly people. Regularly ranked among the top livable cities in the world, the city is small enough to retain its charm and slower pace of life but is also an urban city with a cosmopolitan lifestyle.

For urban adventure seekers, Calgary offers many specialty pop-up events, hundreds of festivals throughout the year, microbreweries, sports bars, and a vibrant weekend nightlife in the city’s downtown. For foodies, Calgary’s culinary scene offers some of Canada’s top restaurants. With its growing multicultural population, international food options are popping up to offer a delectable range of dishes from around the globe.

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With the average home price starting in the low $500s, Calgary is affordable compared to cities like Vancouver and Toronto (Calgary’s price-to-income ratio 4.83; Vancouver’s price-to-income ratio 7.4; Toronto’s price-to-income ratio 13.55). Lower price per square foot and lower-density builds means that single-family houses with large yards and front garages offer families more space to do what they love and grow together with their homes. With lower average homeownership prices, having the option to purchase and own your home is within reach.

Calgary’s property tax rate is lower than Ontario’s cumulative average rates. Alberta’s GST rate is 5% with no PST, and the price of gas in Alberta is the lowest in Canada. These factors make the cost of living in the city affordable while homeowners have more disposable income to enjoy life. Families have more opportunities to preserve and build up generational wealth.

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Visitors from around the globe make the trek into Calgary to visit the world-renowned Rocky Mountains. Located less than an hours drive away, the mountains offer hundreds of activities throughout the year and offer the perfect adventure for those looking to sightsee, ski, soak in hot springs, camp, hike, vacation, and participate in other outdoor activities. The refreshing mountain breeze can be felt throughout the summer months allowing the city to enjoy the warm days while cooling down during the nights. Winters in Calgary are snow-filled but as the sunniest major city in Canada, the sunshine makes winters full of opportunities to enjoy the many outdoor parks and natural spaces within the city. Chinooks’ warm dry winds that blow into the city from the east side of the Rocky Mountains, bring periods of warmer weather throughout the winter.

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Calgary offers a great work-life balance. Its lower cost of living with higher average salaries, plenty of entertainment and outdoor lifestyle options, and short commutes mean less stress and more quality time to enjoy with your family. The city has much to offer and is the perfect backdrop for growth and opportunities.

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