Corporate responsibility

Striving to support people
and the growth of healthy communities

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Corporate responsibility

Our company is one with philanthropic roots and supports many organizations and charities. At Qualico Communities Calgary, it is important for us to give back to the communities and organizations that we are involved in as well as the greater community of Calgary and Southern Alberta. We strive to support people and the growth of healthy communities.

Our aim is to support organizations within our communities that are experts on these issues. By bolstering these community leaders through the power of partnership, our contributions can be the spark, catalyst or foundation for creating a ripple effect of improvement and innovation.

We want our contributions to have a lasting and practical impact

We view these areas of giving as impact areas, where we feel motivated to take action.

Impact areas
  • Ending the cycle of poverty
  • Gender Equality
  • Building Sustainably
  • Lifelong Education
  • Healthy Lives
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