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Snow Removal

Winter is coming. Whether you love the season or not, the Snow affects us all, especially our roads. The snow changes the way we travel for work, life, and leisure. Staying in the know about road clearing in your area will help you stay informed and reduce the frustration that snow can bring. Please see the maintenance maps provided below as well as information on the different groups that provide snow removal in your area:

Ambleton Snow Removal Map

Crestmont Snow Removal Map

Dawson’s Landing Snow Removal Map

Evanston Snow Removal Map

Harmony Snow Removal Map

Ravenswood Snow Removal Map

Redstone Snow Removal Map

Rivercrest Snow Removal Map

Resident Requirements

The municipality oversees clearing around 10% of public pathways, leaving the rest of sidewalk clearing to the residents.

As a property owner, it is your job to clear sidewalks adjacent to your home clear of snow within the allotted time outlined by your municipality (ex. Calgary sidewalks must be cleared within 24 hours from the snowfall, Chestermere requires they be cleared in 48 from the snowfall). When clearing snow, be sure to store snow on your own property (not on public property such as a road). Failure to do so can result in fines.

You can find more information on bylaws relating to snow and ice in your municipality below:

Calgary: https://www.calgary.ca/csps/abs/bylaws-by-topic/snow-ice.html

Airdrie: https://www.airdrie.ca/index.cfm?serviceID=213#:~:text=Community%20Standards%20BylawThe%20Parks,within%20that%2024%20hour%20period.

Cochrane: https://www.cochrane.ca/473/Snow-Removal-Street-Cleaning

Chestermere: https://www.chestermere.ca/DocumentCenter/View/29/Snow-Removal-Bylaw?bidId=

Rockyview (Springbank): https://www.rockyview.ca/Portals/0/Files/Government/Bylaws/C-8125-2021-Sidewalk-Clearing-Bylaw.pdf

Langdon: https://www.rockyview.ca/Portals/0/Files/Government/Bylaws/C-8125-2021-Sidewalk-Clearing-Bylaw.pdf

Developer Duties

As a developer, Qualico Communities will maintain the community paths and sidewalks that are not yet turned over to the City (ie. Phase of Communities that have not yet reached substantial completion).

Please see the maintenance maps provided to see if your area is under Developer or Municipal maintenance

For questions or comments about sidewalks within your community, reach out to our Customer Care Representative: customercare@qualicocommunities.com

Owners Association Communities

While some pathways and parks are part of the municipal snow removal, many are not. This is one of the many benefits of living in an Owners Association (OA) Community as in many cases these pathways are maintained by the OA to ensure these spaces in the community can be enjoyed year-round. For information on your Community pathways please view your snow removal map to see which areas the OA maintains.

If you have any questions or concerns about snow removal in the OA designated areas, reach out to your OA contact:

Ambleton: customercare@qualicocommunities.com

Crestmont: CHOA@Ranchogroup.com

Dawson’s Landing: customercare@qualicocommunities.com

Harmony: admin@harmonyowners.com

Redstone: RSHOA@Ranchogroup.com

Municipality Maintenance

In all municipalities, snow on the roads is cleared on a   priority basis depending on which roads have the most frequent usage and begin immediately after a snowfall. The municipalities arrange for snow plowing and anti-icing. Residential streets are generally placed at a lower priority due to ensuring that the higher priority roads are completed.

You can find more detail on your municipality’s snow removal timeline and areas, below:

Calgary: https://www.calgary.ca/cfod/csc/snow.html

Airdrie: https://www.airdrie.ca/index.cfm?serviceID=382

Cochrane: https://www.cochrane.ca/627/Snow-Clearing

Chestermere: https://www.chestermere.ca/425/Snow-Plowing

Rockyview (Springbank): https://www.rockyview.ca/snow-control

Municipalities also oversee the clearing and de-icing for some public pathways. This process follows the same priority-driven timeline as roads. More information about this can be found here:

Calgary: https://www.calgary.ca/csps/parks/pathways/snow-clearing.html

Airdrie: https://www.airdrie.ca/index.cfm?serviceID=213#:~:text=Community%20Standards%20BylawThe%20Parks,within%20that%2024%20hour%20period.

Cochrane: https://www.cochrane.ca/254/Snow-Ice-Control & https://www.cochrane.ca/DocumentCenter/View/893/Pathway-Snow-Clearing?bidId= (map of pathways for clearing)

Chestermere: https://www.chestermere.ca/DocumentCenter/View/7367/Maintenance-Standards-May-2018?bidId= (page 11)

Rockyview (Springbank): https://www.rockyview.ca/snow-control

The alleyways and lanes behind residential housing are not within the scope of the municipality or the developer’s snow and ice clearing services.