Ease in to the European tradition of a walkable "village" lifestyle against a backdrop of traditional English architecture.

Ravenswood offers its residents close proximity to Airdrie’s downtown and a short commute to the City of Calgary. A distinctive variety of dining, entertainment, attractions, cultural events sporting events and shopping – including nearby CrossIron Mills – are accessible in the surrounding vicinity.

Ravenswood's parkland, green corridors and playgrounds have been strategically placed throughout the community, creating an idyllic setting that invites residents to stroll, cycle or just relax and enjoy the scenery. Major open spaces and external pathways in southeast Airdrie are linked to the neighbourhood through a comprehensive pathway system.



  1. How high can a fence be?
    A resident planning to install fencing on their property should be aware of the City of Airdrie Bylaws.  Fences should be a minimum of 1.2 m tall, but no higher than 1.8 m tall (4.0 ft & 6.0 ft respectively).
  2. What materials can I use for my fence?
    There may be materials specified in the Architectural Guidelines for a particular community, thus these guidelines should be referenced first.  The basic rule of thumb regarding the aesthetic of your fence is that it ought to coordinate with other fences within the area in design and colour.  What this really means, is you should discuss your plans with your neighbours.
  3. When do developers provide fences?
    Qualico Communities provides a variety of fencing types in each community.  Lots that back onto other lots or side onto a walkway typically have wood screen fencing provided at the rear property line and along the side property line, respectively.  To further enhance lots backing or flanking green spaces, including parks or Municipal Reserve (MR), black chain link or wrought iron is provided depending on the community’s architectural standards.
  4. Am I responsible for my fence maintenance?
    All fences backing onto open space or roads are constructed within the homeowner’s lot.  Maintenance of these fences falls to the property owner for both sides of the fence. Maintenance of all other fences located on the perimeter of a lot is the responsibility of each property owner for their own side of the fence.
  5. What is the garbage collection schedule for Ravenswood?
    Please contact the City of Airdrie Waste & Recycling at 403-948-0246 for the collection schedule in your area.
  6. How do I report a burned out street light?
    If a streetlight is not operating in your community, please call the City of Airdrie, Public Works at 403-948-8415 and they will send someone to check on the problem.
  7. Who is responsible for Snow Removal on my street?

    Qualico commits to clearing the roads in your neighbourhood which haven’t yet been turned over to the municipality for maintenance. Qualico Communities will clean snow from all major routes first, and then all construction sites. We will do our best to clear snow as soon as possible after a heavy snow fall.  For roads that the City will be clearing, you may visit www.airdrie.ca

    In the summer months Qualico Communities also provides bi-weekly street cleaning in most areas.  This typically includes construction garbage pick-up and construction material recycling.
  8. Do I get a tree for my front yard?
    The City of Airdrie specifies that the developer will provide 2 trees per lot in Ravenswood. Qualico Communities engages a landscape contractor to plant the trees in your neighbourhood. In all communities lot trees are planted in the front yard only.  Occasionally utility constraints or building footprint will prevent the landscaper from planting in your front yard.  In these instances the landscaper will drop off two potted trees for the homeowner to plant in their desired location.  Please refer to the Qualico tree planting website at www.treeprogram.qualicocommunities.com for more information.
  9. Am I responsible for installing my rain barrel?
    Qualico Communities has implemented a water conservation program in Ravenswood.  The program requires the support of builders and homeowners to ensure that water conserving appliances and low flow fixtures and faucets are installed in each home. Upon the successful completion of a Water Efficiency Inspection, Qualico Communities will provide a rain barrel and tap timer to homeowners. 

    As a homeowner you are responsible for your rain barrels. They are left inside the home after the water inspection is completed.  Homeowners can then install their rain barrel at a time that is convenient.  For instructions on how to install your rain barrel please refer to the brochure that is provided with your rain barrel or click on the link below. QualicoRainBarrelProgram_Brochure_WEB
  10. Who is responsible for cleaning and maintaining the pathways in my neighbourhood?
    Depending on the stage of development in your area, this could fall to either the developer for maintenance or to the municipality.  Typically 2 years after construction is substantially complete in an area, the municipality will do a walk through and sign off on the future maintenance of items constructed by the developer.  This process applies to pathways, walkways, parks and other public spaces. Up until the time when the municipality takes over it is the responsibility of the developer to clear pathways and to maintain parks and green spaces.  Please refer to the Ravenswood maintenance map located below depicting the areas of responsibility. ravenswood_qualico_maintenance_figure_2015-8.5x11_clr